What You Get

Each lesson in our programmes are impactful and gives you room to reflect and take action.


Safety & Comfort

You are in a safe environment where you feel relaxed in the comfort of your own
home on Zoom.

Be Yourself

You are encouraged to be yourself

You are not alone

You learn from other people’s stories and experiences



The teachings are not recorded as we understand the code of confidentiality.


You are not just told to take the necessary steps but shown how to do it.

Positioning yourself for Inner healing

This is a course that takes delegates
through the path of unravelling their pain. In this course, you will learn about
the different types of trauma and their effects. You also learn how to apologise
and forgive others. You also learn what it means to move forward away from
pain to your desired destination.

Sometimes you may not understand the timing of God’s move but I’ve learnt to trust and obey. It was never clear to me why I was let to take this course until the very last day! We were asked to write a letter of forgiveness and God used that time to take a burden I had been carrying, which was stopping me from moving forward. I honestly recommend this course, but will advice you go into it, with an open mind and an expectant heart because God can also reveal things you need healing for that you never knew was there.


Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children Training for Ethnic Minority Mothers:

This is a course that helps mothers to understand what Sexual Abuse is, why
children of ethnic backgrounds don’t disclose their abuse and why the role of
mothers is important in preventing sexual abuse.

We also run in-house events!

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